Tom Staub : Danielle Staub Second Ex Husband

Tom Staub- There’s a little bit of information and photos of Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Danielle Staub second ex husband, a wealthy man named Thomas N. Staub. He will make an appearance on the episode Of Real Housewives of New Jersey at his oldest daughter Christine‘s birthday party.

Thomas Staub or Tom Staub, CFO of his family successful family business (Pacemaker treadmill manufacturers Aerobics, Inc.), met Danielle when she was still stripping. In her book The Naked Truth, she depicts him as a business man with sandy hair and blue eyes who spent lots of money and time trying to get her attention. At first she wanted to keep things “just business,” but eventually broke down, married him, quit stripping, and settled down to a life of opulence and child-rearing. In fact, having babies was something Tom was reportedly eager to do, she quotes him twice as saying “I can’t wait to get you pregnant.”

Based on her Book, Danielle Staub slightly accuses Tom of cheating in between the births of their daughters, Christine and Jillian, but says she ultimately ended the 12-year married because of “emotional distance.”

The 54-year-old Tom Staub has reportedly remarried to a woman named Rebecca and is expecting a son. While his company, Aerobics, Inc., filed for bankruptcy this May.