thunderpants / thunderpants movie

thunderpants / thunderpants movie – A charming but geeky young scientist/inventor who is best friends with a boy named Patrick Smash who has a horrible gas problem. A whiz-kid/genius gifted in every sense but one: a sense of smell! Alan helps Patrick turn his liability into an asset.

is a 2002 family film centers around a young boy, Patrick Smash, who has a farting problem. Everyone around him ends up wanting to disown him because of this. His dad leaves, his sister hates him, and it drives his mother to drink. He also becomes a social outcast at school. His only friend is Alan A. Allen, a charming boy genius with no sense of smell. Together the boys use their natural talents to get them places. For Alan, it’s NASA who recruit his genius to help them land a shuttle back safely on Earth. For Patrick, he helps the second best tenor become the first best tenor, though through cheating. Alan and Patrick end up back together and with both of their abilities, they save the doomed space shuttle, and become heroes of the world.

Thunderpants Movie was directed by Peter Hewitt, the script was written by Phil Hughes, based on a story by Peter Hewitt about a boy who dreams to be a spaceman but has a problem with flatulence. It was released May 2002. Genre: Comedy

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