Thailand Breast Slap

Thai women were encouraged by their government to use the Breast Slapping technique to increase their bust size , instead of using silicone breast implants. But, what is Breast Slapping? Well based on the information I found, it’s a six days of muscle manipulation and 16,000 baht ($380) in course fees, and make any woman’s breasts between 1 and 4 inches bigger.

Since the Government of Thailand considers the beauty of women as a valuable and natural resource which it aims to conserve. In an attempt to do that the Thailand Government has launched an initiative to encourage women to use the Breast Slapping technique to increase their bust size. Now dozens of Thai women are on a government-backed course of Breast Slapping to enhance the size of their bust and in turn, their self-esteem.
Thailand Breast Slapping Technique
The Breast Slapping technique was brought to the Thai market by a beautician by the name of Khemika Na Songkhla, who has been using her grandmother’s method of breast slapping to increase her breast size and is pursuing a patent for it.

Khemika Na Songkhla, 34, advertises on a billboard in front of her house-cum-clinic in a suburb of Bangkok that she can “beat small busts to be big.” And according to Khemika Na Songkhla’s husband, Pasit, “The slogan is merely a ploy to draw people’s attention. In fact, we massage them or slap some parts of the body to enlarge the breasts.”

Khemika Na Songkhla squeezes, pinches and slaps fat and muscle on the upper chest, the sides of the torso, and the belly of clients with cream or gel in six 10-minute sessions. After the treatment, which patients say is painful, she instructs her customers in special exercise techniques and massage to keep their breasts in shape.

Some patients say they have their doubts about Khemika Na Songkhla’s methods, but several traditional Thai medical practitioners are keeping an open mind.