texting while driving / texting while driving commercial


texting while driving commercial - Here in the Philippines, some stubborn drivers are texting while driving. I had one bad experience when I’m on my way home from my Quezon City office to Makati, and still pregnant with my youngest daughter Misha. I was about to call a cab, when I heard a big bang far across where I stand… A Jeep crashed at the back of a Honda Car.

And not to my surprise…the driver… inside the car is texting while driving. He suddenly stopped when he didn’t notice the girl student who is passing by a pedestrian lane signaling him to stop. And you know what’s the worst scenario? The Jeepney driver is the one he blames because, he said, he was tailgating.

But in the other country, they ban text messaging on mobile devices while driving. Anyone caught texting while driving could be fined for the offense. And they want to use this new law to educate students and to have it serve as a prevention to drivers through obvious roadway signs banning text messaging on the road.. nice :-)

Watch this Texting while Driving Commercial, which was made by Peter Watkins-Hughes. It’s a warning and drivers should be aware of it. So if you want to Stay Alive, Don’t Text and Drive.