Supermodel Naomi Sims / Naomi Sims died at 61


Naomi Sims“It’s ‘in’ to use me… and maybe some people do it when they don’t really like me. But even if they are prejudiced, they have to be tactful if they want a good picture,” supermodel Naomi Sims uttered in the early years of her career.

She was considered the “first black supermodel” for appearing on the cover of Ladies Home Journal in November 1968. She then modeled for designers like Halston, Fernando Sánchez, Teal Traina, and Giorgio di Sant’Angelo, and also appeared on many other magazine covers, and two images– a 1969 cover of LIFE and a 1967 New York Times fashion magazine.

After five years, Naomi Sims retired from modeling and she started to create a successful multimillion-dollar wig-making business that specialized in designs for black women. She also has authored several books on modeling, health, and beauty, including “All About Health and Beauty for the Black Woman,” “How to Be a Top Model” and “All About Success for the Black Woman,” as well as an advice column for teenage girls in Right On! magazine.

Last August 01, 2009, Naomi Sims died at 61. The cause of death was cancer.

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