SplayFoot or Splay Foot what is the meaning of Splay Foot?



Splay Foot ufo is a condition of one’s foot. Splayfoot ufo┬áis also referred to as a Foot Disease which is cause by civilization. Here are the main causes of this disorder

1. Splayfoot can be caused by being overweight which forces the feet to carry load that is beyond its capacity.
2. Splay Foot on women can be caused by wearing high heels. Wearing high heels also gives strain to the feet
3. Splay Foot can be caused by standing for long period of time

One has a Splayfoot when both the “longitudinal arch” better know as Flatfoot is weakened and the “Latitudinal” or “metatarsal arch” better known as Spreadfoot is also affected.

Splayfoot ufo is a type of body disorder that can be cured by insoles with metatarsal pads. These pads provides support to the middle bones of your feet and arches which in turn supports the longitudinal arch of your feet. Heel or Shoe cushions or paddings can also help lessen the pressure or strain on your feet.

Your feet are as important as your hands. You can achieve your full potential without them. Take care of your feet by giving them massage after a strainous day. :)