Sonia Rios The Black Widow of Lomita

Sonia Rios is the black widow who hired her family members to kill her husband. In 1987, Sonia Rios is married to Earl Bourdeau. Sonia Rios hire her family members to kill her husband while visiting in the Philippines. A few year back in April 18, 2006, Sonia Rios “the black widow” strikes again. She ordered her relatives to kill her second husband Larry Risken ( a ranking officer or Commander in the U.S. Navy) while visiting the Philippines. Both Earl Bourdeau and Larry Risken were shot in the head. Sonia sent both her husbands to the Philippines while she stays in California and have them executed by her relatives.

Larry Risken, the late husband of Sonia Rios grew up in Washington State California.  He followed his fathers footsteps by entering the U.S. Navy when he was 20 years old and have built his career rising to be a Commander.  Larry Risken met Sonia Rios and for Larry,  it was love at first sight when he first saw Sonia Rios.  But Sherry Jackson, Larry’s little sister is suspicious about Sonia Rios’s personality.  Larry and Sonia began dating but the Risken’s knew very little about Sonia’s past.  All they knew is that sonia was divorced in her first marriage. They also knew that Sonia Rios had a Corvette that she drove and was very successful as a business woman.  Her close friends think she came up the hard way from rags-to-riches story.   She owned a beauty salon in Lomita, California.  Grew up in a poor family in the Philippines.

After a brief courtship, Larry Risken and Sonia Rios got married in 1990 in three separate ceremonies. Sherry Jackson says neither she nor her parents were invited to any of them.  The relationship of Larry Risken towards his family suddenly changed whe he met Sonia Rios.   Sonia and Larry went to the Philippines to spend time with Sonia’s family.  Larry met Sonia’s niece, Quinzy, and nephew, Jetmark  whom they decided to adopt to give them a good life in the U.S.

In 1995,  Larry left active duty from the Navy and become a Special Education Teacher for high school students.  Even though Larry’s new job is turning out pretty well,  his marriage with Sonia is not as well as it seems.  For years,  Larry believed Sonia was working to finalize the adoption of Quinzy and Jetmark. She would tell Larry that there were something wrong with the adoption papers, but later on, Larry found out that Sonia Rios is sabotaging the adoption process.

It was very frustrating for Larry that Sonia Rios would lie to him.  He began seeing his friend Eileen Stevens and later told Sonia that he had feelings for Eileen.  Sonia went into a rage and began to tell people that Larry is using drugs and sort of things.  Larry got fed up and decided to end their 16 years of marriage. Sonia agreed to the divorce, but said they would only separate after Larry’s long-planned trip to visit the kids in the Philippines.  He would go alone.

Sherry Jackson was terrified with the thought that Larry Risken might be walking in a trap.  Larry was very excited to see Sonia’s niece and nephew.  But Sherry Jackson had a bad feeling about the trip.  Sherry told Larry not to go to the Philippines for something is telling her that his brother is going to be harmed.

It was the night of April 18, 2006 when Larry Risken was murdered. He was shot in the head by two gun men in a motorcycle while in a parking lot of a local hospital.  An investigation took place and it interest the investigators after knowing that Sonia Rios’s first husband was also murdered in the Philippines and 5 got arrested wherein 2 of them were Sonia’s brothers.  Unfortunately,  the investigation stopped there.  The investigators thought that someone might have paid to get the investigation stopped and their suspision is the beneficiary of the deceased no other than Sonia Rios.

Sonia did cash in after her first husband’s death, collecting tens of thousands of dollars. Nineteen years later, she tried it again after her 2nd husband Larry Risken’s death.  Sonia was not able to cash in because  Sherry Jackson alerted the insurance companies, saying that Sonia was responsible for her brother’s murder and the insurance payouts were frozen.  Before the one year anniversary of Larry Risken’s murder, someone made an unexpected visit to Sonia Rios at her salon.  Somebody runs in there and fires a shot at her, misses and yells, ‘I’ll be back.

To make the story short, The black widow of Lomita, 60-year-old Sonia Rios, was found in her home in a pool of blood dead, ironically, from a gunshot wound to the head.  Investigators have ruled out Sherry Jackson And Law Risken the sister and father of Larry Risken as the primary suspects for the death of Sonia Rios.   A more intriguing part is that before the death of Sonia Rios,  Sherry Jackson began receiving emails from a suspicious sender saying “Everybody knows that Sonia murdered you brother. I can get someone to kill Sonia Rios Risken.”  signed by John Bourdeau which happened to be Sonia Rios’s secret son who was adopted by Earl Bourdeau and only heir and beneficiary of Sonia Rios.  Investigators went to talk to John and it happened that the emails were sent just to frame up John Bordeau.  So the big question here is who really killed Sonia Rios?  or Sent those E-mails to Sherry Jackson?

The bones of Earl Bourdeau were found in a cemetery outside Manila Philippines and were identified through DNA Test.  The murders of John Bourdeau, Larry Risken, and Sonia Rios  however, remain unsolved until today.

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