Rustom Padilla is dead and died in the U.S.?

Rustom Padilla now as Binibing "Bebe" Gandanghari

Rustom Padilla now as Binibing "Bebe" Gandanghari

Rustom Padilla’s death is one of the most intriguing part in Philippine showbiz today. He is not actually death, but his name has changed to Bebe pronounced as “bi-bi”.

Rustom said “Rustom’s not here but Bebe is here, she’s alive and kicking and here to stay. He came back from a three-month stay in the U.S. last January 15, who studied modeling in New York and surprised us with his feminine classy look and ramp model bearing.

Bebe stands for Binibining Gandanghari and it’s a dream role of Rustom. Bebe is God-fearing woman, loving lady and a woman according to Rustom.

He was asked if he has undergone sex change, but for now he’d rather not to comment on the issue.

In an interview, Bebe said Rustom is dead and died in the US. He has now transformed into a woman.


Rustom was previously married to actress Carmina Villaroel and hosted a franchised version of Wheel of Fortune via ABC 5. After his hosting stint, Rustom left the Philippines and studied filmmaking in the US.

He was one of the 14 housemates in Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition. On March 2, 2006 he came out of the closet on the show by revealing to fellow housemate Keanna Reeves that he is gay.

He recently appeared in the film version of the comic book Zsazsa Zaturnnah as the gay salon owner Ada (Adrian), alter ego of Zsazsa Zaturnnah, in TV series La Vendetta via GMA 7 and movie Happy Hearts as the gay father of Rayver Cruz.