Robert Pattison Voted Star Of The Year

For the second year in a row Robert Pattinson was voted in a poll of the E! Channel for the star of the year. The Twilight star’s biggest competition were Duchess Kate, Britney Spears and his girlfriend and co-star Kristen Stewart.

It is amazing how Twilight affected the planet and the popularity of a vampire love story have become a phenomenon. He was one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood, according to rankings based on his past year’s income. Also he was on the list of 100 most influential people in the World. The list of Time magazine is considered as one of the most relevant one.

The initial list of stars audience could vote for contained more than 60 celebrity names. The voting lasted five weeks and Robert Pattison was on the top all this time.

This will make mouth shut to Twilight haters, because it’s obvious by Pattison’s top place and Kirsten’s high ranking that audience is so into Twilight.

Amon the contestants for the title beside the couple form Twilight and Duchess Kare we Justin Bieber, Charlie Sheen, Britney Spears and other celebs. The closest to jeopardize his position was the new Duchess of Cambridge.

So, what is about that sexy vampire that make him win over pop stars and other celebrities?

Ok, vampires are sexy, but there is more in Robert Pattison, because he had many brave steps into acting and more demanding roles, he is hot, he had a great voice and accent. But so does others. Obviously he had that one more thing, invisible and not so easy to describe that makes him a real charismatic star.