Richard Gutierrez rescued Christine Reyes from Ondoy Flood

Richard Gutierrez rescued Cristine Reyes from Ondoy flood- Richard Gutierrez rescued Christine Reyes using a speedboat he borrowed from his friend. Cristine and members of her family who were staying with her in Provident Village, Marikina City, were stranded on the roof for 12 hours beginning Sept. 26 around 1 p.m.

Richard Gutierrez pass through the murky waters in Provident Village in order to reach Cristine. And because it was so dark, Richard relied on Cristine’s multi-colored light source to locate her. Once there, the actor had the boat tied to a tree and he himself went to get the actress.

Prior to Cristine’s rescue, her family had already been brought to safety using a jet ski owned by a friend of Ara Mina’s boyfriend.

Richard said that some may call his act as one either borne of recklessness or heroism, but for him it was “just a matter of helping (someone) out.”

The 700-square-meter house is still submerged in ankle-deep mud when Reyes returned to her home Monday. She inspected the damage and salvaged some of her belongings.

Reyes is currently staying at sister Ara Minas residence in Quezon City. The young actress said she has decided to leave her Marikina house and relocate.

She said although she could no longer save most of her furniture, the most important thing is she and her family are now safe.

Reports say that at least 75 people from all over Luzon were killed by the rising floodwaters and its effects.