Lord Monckton Compares Australian Climate Advisor Professor Ross Garnaut to a Nazi

Lord Christopher Walter Monckton has branded Australian Government’s Climate Change Policy advisor Professor Ross Garnaut like a Nazi. He said in a conference speech in Los Angeles a few days ago that Ross Garnaut’s views were all Fascist. He even made a presentation displaying a large Nazi swastika beside quotes from Ross Garnaut. Garnaut reports have been informing the Government’s position as it attempts to introduce a price on carbon and this is simply not acceptable for Lord Monckton.

Lord Monckton vs Ross Garnaut Nazi

Words from Monckton have hit the newspapers and television giving more fuel to the controversial speech. Many who have attended and seen or listened the speech of Monckton have found his comments to be improper. His act have infuriated some of the respected people in Australia such as Labor Party leader and Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard who sees Monckton’s comments as inappropriate while Prominent politician and former opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull, of the conservative-leaning Liberal party, said Lord Monckton was “a vaudeville artist” with “no credibility, politically or scientifically”.

These are very heavy comments and accusations due to the different views of people about sensitive topics such as Global Warming. Lord Monckton should not have mocked or criticized Ross Garnaut’s reports the way he did, after all, he is not an expert in the field of science. We have yet to hear from Ross Garnaut and I think this issue is far from being over.