Lindsay Lohan Limo Lawsuit

Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in jail for violation of the conditions of her probation which she incurred for driving under the influence of alcohol. Apparently, she hasn’t learned. Lindsay Lohan is now facing Limo Company Lawsuit… her latest run-in with the law.

Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 480 hours of community service after being charged with stealing a necklace. Now, she may be headed to court once again after reports say that she used nearly $100,000 worth of limousine service from a single company, but has yet to cut one check. Wow! I can’t believe any reputable limo company would run a $100,000.0­0 tab for anybody, much less anyone who has had so much trouble with the courts in the last few years. How many trips is that and what is the mileage?

However, Lindsay Lohan’s rep told E! that the starlet has not yet been presented with a lawsuit, while the Limo company, Chavos & Rau PLC, claims they have filed a suit. I think Lindsay made herself an easy target for the paparazzi and now the shady limo company wants to make more money off her and get free press exposure to boot. The poor girl is down and they want to take advantage of her too?

This is such a sad situation. Lindsay Lohan found fame at an early age, didn’t know how to handle it, and had no real adult around to help her through it.  She is a good actress and I hope she somehow can pull herself out of this destructiv­e behavior.