Keyshia Cole Pregnant / Keyshia Cole Pregnant Photos

Keyshia Cole – About four months ago, singer Keyshia Cole half bald haircut create a buzz in the internet world. Now, Keyshia Cole Pregnantrumors started swirling again after she was nowhere to be seen at the American Music Awards.

I was checking Google’s top searches, and Keyshia Cole pregnant kept reappearing. So I decided to check all the articles about this Keysia Cole Pregnant rumors. According to Necole Bitchie, R&B singer Keyshia Cole may indeed be pregnant. Keyshia has been absent from the scene, and her wardrobe is less revealing.

Keyshia Cole skipped the AMA awards this weekend for a good cause, she was giving away turkeys and groceries to 150 families at the Bethany Baptist Church this past Sunday.

Keyshia Cole Pregnant

She was spotted in Cleveland with her boyfriend Cleveland


Cavalier Daniel “Boobie” Gibson for a charity event. She was seen rocking a baby bump and Keyshia Cole pregnant rumors was unmistakably about 7 months pregnant. She is now on the pregnant-suspect list, despite she denied pregnancy rumors back in September.

Anyway, let’s be honest. We are not sure if Keyshia Cole Pregnant rumors is all true. But while looking the Keyshia Cole pregnant photo, she ain’t showing it. Check below the Keyshia Cole pregnant photos and tell us what you think.

Keyshia Cole Pregnant Photos