John of God : Healer in Brazil on Oprah Show

Healer John of God aims to work with spirits while working through prayer and meditation on the thousands who come to see him in his healing center, the Casa Dom Ignacio in central Brazil. Watch the documentary below, shot between 2003 and 2005, which showed John of God performing his rituals. And this was featured on the Oprah show.

Brazilian medium John of God, or Joao de Deus, is a faith healer who claims to be a “psychic surgeon.” He and his followers say he has cured people of such diseases and ailments as cancer, AIDS, blindness and tumors just by directing them to sit in a room at his compound in Goias, Brazil, and meditate. He has also conducted physical surgeries without any anesthetic, and many claim he made them well.

John of God was featured on Oprah Winfrey Show by documentary filmmaker Fergus Tigue. The documentary shows John of God using his healing powers on men and women without using any anesthetics or disinfectants. Here’s the film that aired on Oprah.

John of God : Healer in Brazil on Oprah Show :