Heart Attack Grill a meal to die for

It’s impossible for anyone to make up a story such as this.
After eating a 6000 calorie burger coined the Triple Bypass a customer was stricken with a heart attack. The restaurant prides itself in serving up some of the best in artery clogging meals.

Customers who were present at the diner where confused when the incident occurred and many where seen laughing as the man was taken away by the paramedics. Not knowing that hew was suffering from a medical episode.

One of the most noticeable features inside the dinner is the getup of the staff who are dressed as doctors and nurses in white coats and nurses hats. There are many health warning posted on the wall and dinners are given surgical gowns as the select from items such as Flatliners, Bypass, fries and buttermilk shakes.

Any of the patrons who were present at the time including the proprietor “Doctor” Jon Basso believed the incident to be a joke.

According Dr. Jon one of the nurses came to him saying there was an incident with one of the patients.

On seeing the patient he immediately released that it was not a joke the man who was in his forties was clearly experiencing difficulties he was shaking and sweating and barely talking.

After word of this incident took to the air ways a Washington D.C based anti meat advocacy group is requesting that Basso shut down his operations.

Members of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has also added there voice to calls for basso to “declare moral bankruptcy” and close down his artery clogging operations.

Susan Levin who is the director for the group’s nutrition education says that she hope that the incident did send a wakeup call that bypass are not funny.

Basso in the mean time has no plans of closing his company and he said he hops that the man is OK he also added that he feels bad for guy because visitors had treated his misfortune as a comical joke.