Hajna Moss Fishburne

For those of you who do not know Hajna Moss Fishburne, she is the former wife of Hollywood actor Lawrence Fishburne and the mother of Montana Fishburne. Hajna Moss Fishburne was born in 1963 and is mainly active in the world of fitness. She is in fact, a fitness professional and the director of Group Fitness, Special Programs and Continuing Education in New York. She met Lawrence Fishburne in 1983 and married the actor in 1985. Their love produce two offspring named Langston and Montana. Montana was recently involved in a scandal when she decided to be a porn star. You can find the article here. Hajna Moss Fishburne and Lawrence later decided to divorce in the early years of the 90′s and lived their separate lives from then on.

But the news that brought Hajna Moss Fishburne’s name on the limelight is because of her support for her daughter Montana. Though Lawrence was totally against the idea of her daughter becoming a porn star, Hajna still acknowledges and respects her daughter’s decision. I am actually puzzled with how other parents show their love for their kids.  In my honest to goodness opinion, not all the things that your kids want will be good for them. I don’t know if Hajna Moss Fishburne really gave her consent to her daughter but if in case that she did, then her decision for her daughter is very wrong. It is like sending her daughter out in the night with a pack of wolves waiting to tear her apart. For those of you who are concerned with regards to this, please leave your comments below.