dissolving bathing suit / dissolving bathing swimsuit


dissolving bathing suit – Who wants to be embarrass while wearing your sexy black swimsuit ?

A German company recently invented a dissolving bathing suit or water soluble bikini. They say that this Dissolving bathing suit looks like a real bikini and it feels like your wearing one. But the problem starts when the woman wears it and swim into the water, the bikini will dissolve in water in just 3 minutes, leaving you nothing on to cover your body which can make you feel so embarrassed in front of many people watching you.

Dissolving bathing swimsuit has been marketed for those people who want to take revenge of their girlfriends who recently dumped them. All of the woman’s rights groups are angry. Rosmary Zapfil the campaigner of these groups was upset, and she says that this invention is an absolute insult for all women and it should not be invented.

This latest invention known as dissolving bathing suit already had some incidents happened. Its like that, a boy gifted her girlfriend this dissolving bathing suit in her own birthday party. After wearing it she goes into water in the presence of whole family, the bikini dissolved away within 3 minutes which make her so angry that she just breakup with her boy friend.

So girls beware of this Dissolving Bathing Suit, unless you want to be a victim ;-)