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dilley sextuplets – are America’s First Sextuplets. Last May 25, 1993, Becki Dilley the wife of Keith Dilley gave birth to 3 pairs of babies in Indianapolis comprising of 3 boys and 3 girls. From then on, the babies were called the dilley sextuplets.

Becki and Keith Dilley both work in a fast food restaurant. They were colleagues and later on became lovers and then couples. In their early marriage, they were having difficulties to have a baby and so they decided to consult a doctor regarding fertility. Then to their astonishments, Becki conceived not only one child but a whopping 3 pairs of child which were later called the dilley sextuplets. The dilley sextuplets are considered to be the first sextuplets who were born in the U.S.

Here are the names of the dilley sextuplets
Brenna Rose
Julian Emerson
Quinn Everett
Claire Diane
Ian Michael
Adrian Reed

Here is a video clip of the dilley sextuplets that you will surely find interesting