Delimar Vera The Little Lost Girl

Delimar Vera Cuevas is a Puerto Rican girl who was in fact a kidnapped victim. And made headlines early in 2004, when her biological mother unexpectedly found her.

Delimar is the daughter of Pedro Vera and Luz Aida Cuevas. Five weeks after she was born, a fire broke out at her family’s two-story row house, while sleeping in the upstairs front bedroom in North Philadelphia on December 15,1997.  Her mother, Luz Aida Cuevas ran to her room to try to rescue her, she did not find the baby and eventually ran out of the house, overcome by smoke and burned on her face. Delimar’s remains were never found. Firefighters concluded that her body was buried under the rubble left by the fire, and declared dead. However, Luz Aida Cuevas refused to believe that her baby Delimar had died.

Delimar Vera Cuevas Child Picture and Latest PictureIn 2003, Luz Aida Cuevas and her sister were invited to a birthday party. She spotted Carolyn Correa at the party by accident, with a girl named Aaliyah Hernandez.

Cuevas felt something about Aaliyah’s look… a lot like her baby Delimar. She started to asked the girl a funny question and when Aaliyah smiled, she noticed a small hole to the side of her mouth, just like the one on her baby.

Convinced that this was her daughter, Luz Aida went to her sister,and asked her to speak to the girl. As Luz Aida’s sister entertained Aaliyah, she grabbed a piece of the young girl’s hair and put it in her pocket.

It was later sent to the police laboratory for DNA testing. The police later found out through DNA, that Aaliyah was in fact, the girl who had been written dead after the 1997 fire, Delimar Vera Cruz.

Delimar and Luz were reunited in a government office in Mount Laurel, N.J.,she was thrilled to meet her daughter she named Delimar. The girl named Aaliyah does not speak Spanish and her mother speaks very little English.

In 2004, Carolyn Correa, a distant friend of a cousin of the baby’s father, was arrested and accused of arson, kidnapping and attempted murder and 13 other counts, she has been held on $1 million bail since her arrest.


In August 2008, The cast and crew of Lifetime Movie Network’s shared their thoughts on bringing this remarkable true story to life at the movie “Little Girl Lost : The Delimar Vera Story”.